Things I Take For Granted, Part I

Today I am thankful for my body, and what it’s capable of. Every day, without even realizing it, I take for granted all that I can do. I can get out of bed without effort, I can breath without a machine, I can walk, I can run, I can brush my hair and feed myself, I can do everything — all on my own. It’s amazing how these are things I don’t think about every day, yet there are so many people in the world with disabilities, who have been injured through war or a stroke or an accident, who cannot do the things that I do so naturally, with ease.

Fall weather has set in and as I decided to go for a run it occured to me how lucky I am to be able to do so. My legs, something I used to complain about, something I used to hate (my thighs “too jiggly,” my calves “not toned,” and the scars, so many scars big and small) are one of the most amazing things about my body! They are the reason I can do what I do; I can stand, I can walk, I can run (!!!), I can jump and play and swim and do so much that so many people cannot. They are strong, they can get stronger. They bring me places, let me explore and search through life. My knees can bend, my muscles can stretch — my legs are strong. They hold up and carry around all 130 pounds of me!

I am going to challenge myself to not hate on my body anymore. I will focus on all that it can do, not what it can’t or what it isn’t. I may not have super model legs (but really, who does, they get airbrushed anyway) and they may not be as strong as a professional athlete: but they do their job just right. I will not take for granted what God has provided me with, especially for all those who cannot. Why should I complain about thighs that are big when there are people who suffer from muscular dystrophy and their legs are so thin and weak they can’t walk? How selfish is that of me?

I am blessed to have the amazing vessel I have been given, with all that it can do for me. And I shall not take that for granted any longer. With that said: I’m going for a run. To simply enjoy the fact that I can.

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