Not Just in November, but Always

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, November, and being thankful… I have come up with 31 things I am thankful for on a day-to-day basis…
     1. my parents, enough said
     2. my sisters, I wouldn’t trade growing up with them for anything in the world
     3. life, breathing every day heathily and easily
     4. all things love; experiencing and knowing how to love, people who love me, loving people, etc
     5. my boyfriend – and even the boyfriends of my past, who taught me the lessons I’ve learned and given me the outlook I have that I appreciate more than anything
     6. having a job, and a way to pay my bills, even if I struggle at times
     7. my past, and how it has molded me into the person I am today
     8. a chance for a future
     9. my childhood
    10. a free spirit, the flexibility of my mind and accepting life and it’s curve balls and appreciating any and every opportunity presented to me with the knowledge that life goes on and I will make it
    11. friendship, and forgiveness that goes along with it
    12. nature – trees, flowers, the beach, the mountains, crisp air, the earth, the sun, stars, and the universe
    13. dreams – what they say to us, show us, and tell us about ourselves
    14. music, enough said
    15. reading & writing, and the knowledge of how-to do such a thing; isn’t it insane to think there are still people in this world who don’t learn how to read or write? I cannot fathom
    16. the ability to see beauty and positivity in every situation – even if I have to sit down and really think about how a situation can benefit me or the people in my life
    17. 23 years of life, and adding another year to that in January
    18. ears, and my likeness of listening to others and their problems and wanting to help, whole-heartedly
    19. friendliness, to complete strangers and to people I care about deeply – a smile can change some ones entire day, entire outlook on life and mankind
    20. appreciating what I’ve been given in life, knowing I’m blessed to have what I have and to know what I know and not taking it for granted nor taking advantage of it negatively
    21. smiling and people who smile
    22. new year’s eve – my favorite holiday, the freshness and newness it brings to life
    23. holidays and the opportunities to spend time with family if you don’t get to see them otherwise
    24. communication and all the means for it these days – I’m thankful I can talk to my mom, my dad, my sisters, my boyfriend, my friends – whenever I like in several ways
    25. traveling out of the country when I was at a young and impressionable age; and the need to see more than what I know and continue learning throughout life by experiencing new and different and even sometimes uncomfortable or frightening things
    26. my sense of humor, the ability to laugh at myself, at life, at the little and silly things that ought to be laughed at
    27. the little things – sunshine through cracks of the curtains, a fireplace with a real burning fire, fresh and hot coffee in the mornings, the laughter of children, a smile or compliment from a total stranger…
    28. and open mind and welcome to change; welcoming the norm, not the norm, and people for who they are and their experiences and not shutting something out simply because I’m not familiar with it
    29. God. I may not be the most religious person, but I know nothing on this earth, in this universe, is possible without SOMETHING out there greater than what we are. While I do believe in the big bang theory, I think something greater out there made it all be able to happen and for us to mature and for evolution to exist
    30. photography, capturing moments and forever reliving them in the photograph
    31. the past, the future, and most importantly the present

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