Healthy Happy Habits

My last post was rather depressing, but something on my mind none-the-less. As noted, I have struggled with my apperance, more so my perception of my appearance, for a very long time. As sad as it is to admit, I’ve found journals from elementary school with statements such as “I’m fat” and “I’m ugly” in them. How absolutely rotten to know that a little girl (a little me) feels that way about herself. It has driven me to become passionate about making sure all little girls are told they’re beautiful and it’s also driven me to study nutrition and dietetics. I really hope that when I finish my degree I can work with young girls and boys and teach them the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Sparked by my recent bout of negativity towards myself, I’ve realized that while I’ve been eating okay, I certainly haven’t been eating great — and that is a huge part of what makes me feel good about myself. Because I haven’t been in school for nearly 2 years working towards my degree, it’s safe to say I’ve slacked a little on my own personal nutrition habits. I go through periods of serious health followed by serious slacking. I want my serious health to stick for good this time.

I recently started making smoothies for my boyfriend and I to enjoy for breakfast every morning. I typically mix strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, protein powder, and spinach — really delicious. This morning I tried mangos, pineapples, and bananas with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, protein powder, and kale — equally delicious (and more summery!). I’m going to keep playing with smootie concoctions and add more vegetables to them so they include even more nutrients. Jordan is even going to buy me a fancy new blender this weekend with his monthly bonus check.

Another big thing I always slack on? Water consumption. I absolutely hate unfiltered water (I’m such a snob, I know!) but it’s what I grew up with and I just can’t do it any other way. At work the water is awful, I was making it tolerable with lemons but even that required about half a lemon each glass. I keep meaning to purchase this Mio water enhancer, I think it would really help. I recently started making caffiene-free iced-tea in large batches so that I have something available quickly. My mom makes a great iced green-tea with fresh ginger that I’m going to try making on my own this weekend. It’s so refreshing in the hot Summer months and fresh ginger has great antioxident powers along with the green tea.

A few other feel-good habits I’m going to work on sticking to along with breakfast smoothies & water consumption:

– Good posture. Growing up with little to no self-esteem led to horrible posture, which has led me to almost naturally sit in a slumped over position. Not only is it super uncomfortable and unflattering, it’s not good for your spine and back muscles! I am going to work on my posture and try to sit up straight with my shoulders back at all times. At work there is a camera on me, and I can also view the camera on the monitor so I can see when I’m slouching even if I don’t mean to be. It helps me zap it really quickly.

– Taking off my make-up every night. I’m usually really good about this, however there is usually a night during the week where I forget before I get into bed, and then I’m just too tired/lazy to do it (pathetic, really). I purchased some Ponds Make-up Remover Towelettes which have been working nicely to remove my make-up. It also allows for me to not actually wash my face every night, I suffer from dry skin and all cleansers seem to dry out my skin, no matter what they advertise. I use Ponds Dry Skin Cream already, so it’s a nice partnership for my skin care.

– Exercising daily. I really want to say “run everyday” or “lift weights” every day — but I’m trying to slowly get myself into that, not rush and then exhaust myself. If I can walk every day with Kobe, a little further every day, that would be great. I’d also like to make sure I do at least 20 minutes of weights every day. I have two 5-pound weights that are great for arm exercises. If I can implement their use every day I’ll be satistied.

– Invest in Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Car 3 Minute Mask. Back in high school and the two years I lived at home while attending community college I would buy this nearly every week. Then I became a broke college student and dropping $40.00 for conditioner seemed absolutely absurd to me. However, looking back at old photos — my hair has never looked better than when I was using this product. I think investing in a quality deep conditioner like such is not a bad thing — and I certainly won’t be using it every day!

– No fast-food. I’m not big on fast food and I really don’t eat it that often. Or I didn’t use to. However Jordan has a big time love for the Southern specialty Bojangles, which has led me to consume it almost every weekend (his weekend tradition, as he calls it). I am going to eliminate it all together. No more Bojangles! In revamping my diet, I’m also revamping Jordan’s — so he won’t be allowed it anymore either, even if that means waking up and making breakfast every Saturday and Sunday just to avoid it.

At some point I’d really like to try and all juice/smoothie cleanse. I’ll have to get Jordan to agree to do it with me, otherwise seeing him eat food will probably make me totally jealous and I might cave. I’m sure I could get him to agree to a 3 day cleanse at some point. We’ll see about that. I found this one here that I might use to guide me on one.

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add to this list, but I think this is safe for now. I’m confident that if I follow these simple guidelines it will be hard to not feel good about myself. Healthy is happy. And happy is confidence.


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