Silence Is Golden

Just a few minutes ago I was staring at my phone, trying to come up with something to blog about. Sometimes ideas come more naturally, something I feel passionately about or something that happens to be on my mind, but other times I want to write but I don’t know how to say what I want to say, or I’m not even sure what I”m trying to say… But then, it hit me:

“Collect Moments Not Things”

The background on my phone! A gentle reminder to be more present in life, to relish in the smaller moments, to be at peace even if just for a moment.

As a personal challenge I am going to “capture” these moments I want to collect for a month, at least one moment a day. I want to remind myself of the simple things that bring great joy to our hearts.

Like now, laying in bed eating my guilt-free macaroni and cheese in silence. (Jordan and Kobe are out playing disc golf.) I treasure silence just as much as I love music, especially to be alone in silence. How nice it is to lay still, quiet, alone but so in touch with the world around me. This little moment of silence and comfort I get to myself replenishes my soul, it’s like a battery charger making me feel spiritually re-energized.

I have always appreciated being alone — my mom has always told me that I played just as well by myself as I did with other children. To this day there are moments or things I’d prefer to do alone. I enjoy being social and surrounding myself with people, don’t get me wrong! But I also enjoy being alone and I think that is really important in becoming an adult. It is good to be able to depend on yourself from comfort and peace.

Moments alone in silence are one of the many moments I love to collect.


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