Time Is Precious

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of my “boring” life. I feel as though I’m constantly saying (read: complaining) about how mundane I find my life, that I’m just going through the motions: sleep, get ready, work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv, repeat. And on the weekends? I’m lazy and I sit around after completing a few chores, watching movies and tv shows with my boyfriend (who’s perfectly happy to lay around and do nothing.) So, who’s to blame for my mundane and pathetically boring life? ME.

Laziness breeds laziness, just as productivity breeds productivity — and I LOVE being productive, I LOVE being busy. Even my boss announced today that I work best under pressure! It feels so good to spend every minute of my time productively — and the only person stopping me from living life this way is me! I make the decision to come home from work and sit on the couch (because I’m so sick of my job, pitty me, I must sit and “relax” from my boring life). I make the decision to order food because I’m too lazy and tired of my boring life to go to the grocery store and cook something delicious for myself. I make the decision to spend my weekend cooped up inside watching TV on the couch or even in bed. These are all decisions I make for myself. And it’s time for a change.

Our time on Earth is precious, waking up every morning and growing older is a privledge denied to many and I refuse to sit around and convince myself that my life is boring and mundane and it’s all the universes fault because I wasn’t granted the life of a celebrity, or anyone else. I don’t have to sit around and have a lazy, boring life. Granted I can’t afford some luxuries like tropical and exotic vacations, however there is plenty I can do to keep busy and feel productive, useful, and happy.

No longer will I lay in bed until the very last minute in the mornings, dreading getting out of bed. No longer will I come home from my boring job and slump into the couch. No longer will I spend my weekends cooped up inside. I’m 24. I need to be living my life. I may not be able to afford much, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. Today Kobe and I went on a 3.25 walk and it felt SO good. I did the dishes and tidied the living room and even ran a load of laundry. And now? Now it feels GOOD to sit and type this up as I enjoy my smoothie for dinner, in my Jordan’s clean condo.

I’m tired of my boring mundane life and I refuse to allow myself to live that way.


3 thoughts on “Time Is Precious

    1. sanguinegirl Post author

      Oh, we do stuff sometimes, too! I just need to be more adamant about doing things myself if he doesn’t want to. Too often I get sucked into sitting around doing nothing because that’s what he wants to do — how boring!

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