Endless Summer

Can you believe there are only 36 days left of Summer! I’m feeling intense pressure to make the most of the remaining “Summer” days (quotations because, let’s be honest, in the South it doesn’t get cold until around October/November, and if we have the same weather as last year, it won’t get very cold at all).

Looking back on my post from mid-March, I made a list of things I wanted to do this Summer:

– Hike at least 3 trails (1 of 3 completed)
– Summer pass to WWRC and trying all the activities: Water (whitewater rafting, flatwater kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, war canoes, whitewater kayaking) Land (canyon crossing, canyon zip, rock climbing, mountain biking, mega zip, mega jump, adventure course, climb 2 zip, eco trekking, the trail system)
– Go camping at least 3 times (1 of 3 completed)
– Picnic at least 2 times
– Lay out a blanket at the park and read.
– Visit the Grand Canyon or Rocky Mountains (!!!!!!!)
– Go tubing on a river somewhere
– Go to as many outdoor concerts as possible

I feel so incredibly lazy! Visiting the Grand Canyon or Rocky Mountains was a stretch, but I hope I can cram everything else into these last 36 days. During my blogging hiatus I did manage to go hiking at Crowder’s Mountain, lay in the park and read, and go camping in Buchanan, VA.

A hiking trip this Saturday? Tubing down a river to follow? And maybe, just maybe, Jordan and I can visit The White Water Rafting Center the following weekend and cross some of those activites off. Jordan isn’t much of a picnic-er, however I did get him to lay on the grass at the park with me and read, so I think I’ll be able to sneak a picnic basket of lunch with us. (Or I will just picnic on my own, no need to let no company stop me! Our Time Is Precious after all!)

Do you have anything you want to accomplish before the end of Summer? I am looking forward to Autumn, as it’s has become my favorite time of year (previously Summer). I’m craving sweaters, boots, and cripsy crunchy leaves under my feet. I really want to go apple picking this year, so hopefully I can make that happen.


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