The Democratic National Convention is in town this week and that means LOTS and LOTS of extra traffic. I have to admit, I am absolutely not looking forward to it.

Major downside? I live off Graham St which is smack dab in the middle of most of the happenings — and the VPOTUS and POTUS’ speech on Thursday is a stones throw away at the Bank of America Stadium. It’s going to be madness commuting to and from work with all the security.

The plus side? Jordan rented his place out for a nice chunk of change and we’ll be staying with his brother and his fiance a little ways away from all the happenings. I’m imagining a very stressful week though — I’ll still have to commute through all the traffic and security to head to work. Thankfully it’s only one week and not longer.

Since the place is being rented out, we’ve been doing some MAJOR cleaning. I’m talking down to scrubbing baseboards, and it feels SO good! I love a clean house, a really clean house, and this is the perfect “excuse” to even get Jordan involved in the cleaning. We’re packing pretty much everything up so it’s almost like a hotel for the guy renting and I’m really hoping we throw away a lot of it upon moving everything back in. We both have an extensive collection of “stuff” laying around and I love a good purging session. Not to mention all the dog hair in crevices I can’t wait to vacuum up.

I’m super excited that we’ll be purchasing a dresser for the bedroom. I’ve reached wits end with half of my clothing and unmentionables in a suitcase and I can’t wait to have a place to properly store them in. But, let’s be honest, I’m really and mostly excited about having a CLEAN house condo!

Have any of you experienced the DNC or RNC before?


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