30 Before 30

I’m starting a 30 Before 30 list for myself — they seem quite popular among the blogging crowd, although each varying a little, all with the same goal in mind: accomplish a set amount of goals in a set amount of time. I’m excited to start this list, and I feel it will take me quite some time to really decided thirty things I want to do, and believe that I can accomplish. I don’t want to sell myself short and make the list easy, but I don’t want to be too unrealistic and therefore disappointed when my thirtieth birthday rolls around and I’ve yet to accomplish much of anything on the list. At this point in time I’m 24 (and 9 months, but who’s counting months?!) and by the time my 25th birthday sneaks up on me I’d like to have accomplished creating the list (as well as start accomplishing some of the things as well).

Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

1. Graduate College
2. Graduate Grad School
3. Write 30 snail mail letters
4. Go paddle boarding
5. Travel outside of the country
6. Visit 5 new states I have yet to visit (driving through doesn’t count)
7. Run a half marathon (officially this time!)
8. Eat vegan for an entire month
9. Save at least $5,000 (this is a goal I am going to contribute to starting this month!)
10. Throw a legitimate dinner party complete with invites, table settings, music, drinks, etc.
11. Pay off all credit card debt (and do not add anymore to it)
12. Purchase a digital SLR
13. Tour the Grand Canyon
14. Read at least 30 books from this list!
15. Learn to ride a motorcycle
16. Hot air balloon ride
17. Learn the names and be able to identify local/regional trees
18. “Unplug” (no phones, no internet, no tv!) for for 12 separate weekends
19. Move away from the East Coast
20. Learn how to change the oil in my car (and continue changing it)
21. See the NY Giants play in NY at the MetLife Stadium
22. Open a Roth IRA
23. Go backpacking / hike a mountain trail and camp out over night
24. Volunteer for a charity or cause I believe in
25. Print my photos and make albums (I haven’t printed photos in years and years)
26. Buy a new laptop (preferably a mac book)
27. Buy a piece (or 2) of vintage furniture
28. Do 3 pull-ups in a row! (at this point I cannot even do 1)
29. Learn to play an instrument decently (guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano……)
30. Go sky-diving! (I have a fear of falling, not of heights, but the feeling you’re not in control when you’re falling — like roller coasters)

Do you have a similar list? What are some things you can suggest I add?


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