Sweet September

Hold on, we’re already halfway through September?! I cannot believe yet another month has come, and is about to go. It will be a new year and a new age before I know it (my birthday is shortly after the new year)! I’m actually looking forward to 25, although the pressure is on to complete my 30 Before 30 list; so far I have 15 things and I’m struggling to come up with another 15. I just want to make sure I put things on the list that are plausible and that I do indeed want to do, and aren’t lame (or something like that.) Such a dilemma…

This past weekend I went home to surprise my Mom for her 60th birthday! And surprised she was! My little sister Kimberly goes to school at Longwood University in Farmville, Va — which is pretty much smack dab in the middle between Charlotte and northern Virginia where my parents live (just outside of DC) — so I picked her up and we made it home around 11pm Friday night. My sweet mama wasn’t feeling well all week so she went to bed pretty early so when Kimberly and I got home, we tip-toed up the stairs, into her room, and whispered “Happy Birthday!” She woke up right away but in a daze exclaimed, “Oh! Am I dreaming? Are my girls really here?!” It was the sweetest thing ever. We had a lovely weekend spending time together, my older sister Kristin (who lives 10 minutes away) even stayed over Saturday night and we all woke up Sunday to a breakfast of homemade waffles made by my Dad, just like when everyone lived at home. It was too short of a visit, but it was wonderful to be home and surprise her. Sixty only comes but once!

September is shaping up to be a wonderful month, this Friday I’ll be on my way to Atlanta, Georgia to see The Avett Brothers and I’m so very excited! (And I also get to cross off something from my 30 Before 30 list! I’ve driven through Georgia before but never actually been, so that will cross off 1 of 5 new states to visit!)

I’m such a lucky girl.


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