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Weekend Night-Cap & Lately From Instagram

This weekend was lovely.

We joined some of Jordan’s co-workers out on Friday night and very happily spent all Saturday in bed or laying on the couch. We watched plenty of tv, movies, and I even read a little Pride & Predjudice (working on those 30 books!) I almost forgot! I soaked in the tub for nearly an hour while reading — it. was. wonderful. Jordan even boiled a pot of water a couple of times to keep the water nice and hot. After being away from home two weekends in a row it was greatly needed. I woke up Sunday feeling super relaxed and energized.

Not that I ever want to get rid of Jordan, but he had plans to golf with his dad and brother Sunday morning and I was secretly excited. I cherish time I get to spend alone — as alone as I can get with Kobe. I took Kobe to the dog park for 2 hours (TWO HOURS!) and spend the rest of the morning cleaning the condo. I finished by noon and was able to meet a neighbor at The Corner Pub to watch some football and enjoy a cold beer or two (I drank SweetWater Blue Ale — a hint of blueberries, delicious!) After the Panthers game Jordan returned home and we wrapped up the evening together with some take-out Italian & the Giants game. Disappointing loss!

I absolutely did not want to leave for work this morning, it’s rainy and dreadful outside and Kobe was being extra cuddly and precious. It’s like he knows when it’s Monday and we have to return to work — he is ten times more kissy and cuddly in trying to convince us to stay!

Enjoy some photos from Instagram lately:

Avett Brothers


My love




Silly, Dreamy, Lovey Stuff

“Sometimes at work I realize I’m day dreaming about you, and I then also realize I have this silly, dreamy smile on my face. I love you snake, I really do.”

Jordan and I’s relationship may not be made of the typical stuff fairy-tales are made of, but it’s real. Real life is not a fairy-tale, and sometimes I have to remind myself of that. I am blessed to have the true and honest relationship I do. Relationships aren’t easy, they take hard work and effort, lots of love and caring, communication, understanding, apologies, and forgiving. The bottom line is I have fun with him, and I smile and laugh with him, and we’re so silly together. That is what we are, silly & simple.

PS — It’s a silly story why we call each other “snake” … It all started with me calling “baaaybee” to him from the other room, and he’d always reply with “snaaaaaaake.” I had no idea what he was talking about until he played Frank Zappa’s “Baby Snake” for me; he thought the way I said “baby” sounded exactly like the “baby” in the song. That is something special that only we have together. And I love it. And I love him.

Sweet September

Hold on, we’re already halfway through September?! I cannot believe yet another month has come, and is about to go. It will be a new year and a new age before I know it (my birthday is shortly after the new year)! I’m actually looking forward to 25, although the pressure is on to complete my 30 Before 30 list; so far I have 15 things and I’m struggling to come up with another 15. I just want to make sure I put things on the list that are plausible and that I do indeed want to do, and aren’t lame (or something like that.) Such a dilemma…

This past weekend I went home to surprise my Mom for her 60th birthday! And surprised she was! My little sister Kimberly goes to school at Longwood University in Farmville, Va — which is pretty much smack dab in the middle between Charlotte and northern Virginia where my parents live (just outside of DC) — so I picked her up and we made it home around 11pm Friday night. My sweet mama wasn’t feeling well all week so she went to bed pretty early so when Kimberly and I got home, we tip-toed up the stairs, into her room, and whispered “Happy Birthday!” She woke up right away but in a daze exclaimed, “Oh! Am I dreaming? Are my girls really here?!” It was the sweetest thing ever. We had a lovely weekend spending time together, my older sister Kristin (who lives 10 minutes away) even stayed over Saturday night and we all woke up Sunday to a breakfast of homemade waffles made by my Dad, just like when everyone lived at home. It was too short of a visit, but it was wonderful to be home and surprise her. Sixty only comes but once!

September is shaping up to be a wonderful month, this Friday I’ll be on my way to Atlanta, Georgia to see The Avett Brothers and I’m so very excited! (And I also get to cross off something from my 30 Before 30 list! I’ve driven through Georgia before but never actually been, so that will cross off 1 of 5 new states to visit!)

I’m such a lucky girl.

30 Before 30 Book List

As part of my 30 Before 30 list of things to do, I want to read thirty classics by the time I’m 30 years old. I’ve ultimately decided to compile a few lists together into 1 giant list and read at least thirty classics from it. I have read a few of these classics before in high school, however I want to read them again because being forced to read them doesn’t count 😉

Here is the list (& please feel free to comment with any thing you think I should add!)

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The Carpenter, by The Avett Brothers


My very favorite band of all time, The Avett Brothers, released a new album yesterday! I encourage everyone to check it out. They never cease to amaze me. Their lyrics, their music, they fit so beautifully together — I really don’t know how they do it, time after time. The Avett Brothers are a band I can listen to at any given time, whether happy, sad, content, peaceful. They are absolutely wonderful and their lyrics paint a beautiful picture in your mind. I wish they’d write a song about me.

I have a chance to see them live (for the 5th time!) at Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta next Friday and I’m really hoping my boss gives me the day off! Everyone cross your fingers for me! I saw them 4 times over the course of 2011 and have yet to see them once this year… To say I’m missing their music live is an understatement. update: I got the okay to take off! Atlanta, here I come!

PS. My blog name was inspired by a song of theirs, “Sanguine” (lyrics/album version/live)

Shedding Extra Weight

This morning I was going through my favorite blogs catching up when I came across James’ (of Bleu Bird Vintage) recent post about purging her closet. What a coincidence! I did just the same thing this past weekend while cleaning house for the rental. Let me tell you, it felt SO good.

I have 2 large bags, one I’m shipping to my younger sister and one I’m donating to Goodwill. It was hard to part with a few of my favorite dresses (I have had over 60) but it was time to let them go — I feel some are too short, too “young” and not modest enough for me any longer. One day I came home from work and Jordan asked “Did you wear that to work?” Apparently my bum was hanging out when I bent over in the slightest (thankfully I sit at a desk all day). I now have roughly 10 or so left.

It was hard for me to get rid of my clothing simply because at this time in my life I can’t really replace it. I can’t spend any money towards clothing because I simply cannot adjust my budget to allow it. However, most of the items in my closet were “fillers” — I don’t remember the last time I wore them, yet I was finding it hard to get rid of them simply because then my closet would be bare. But how easy it is for me now! Now the pieces I own are pieces I actually wear, I actually like, and they actually fit correctly. Slowly I can rebuild and add items to the closet that I cherish, love, and match my style now. Boy has it evolved over the years, and yet still remained generally the same — simple, classic, timeless.

I still have more work to do. Half of my clothing is currently in storage, and while I do want to go through it to pull out a few key items I know I am missing, I should probably consider donating it all seeing as I’m not even wearing it now.

Here are some items I am looking to add to my closet:

Things I Want

1. Vintage Straight Jeans, J.Crew
2. Girls’ Dot Oxfords, J.Crew
3. Colorful Stripes & Heart Print Sweater, She Inside
4. Polka Dot Socks, Steven Alan
5. Tribal Embellished Shift Dress, Oasis
6. Biker Boots, Madewell
7. Printed Boyfriend Blouse, Madewell