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Can’t I Call In Sick??

Comfy Cozy
Doesn’t this bed look dreamy (source)

MHL by Margaret Howell Striped Jumper
$248.00 from Steven Alan

As I sip my dirty chai this morning from my office I wish so badly I could be back home, snuggled in bed with my sweet little pup, wearing this comfy looking sweater that I’m currently obsessing over. Too bad it’s more than my car insurance (which is pretttyy high up there with a brand new car).


Shedding Extra Weight

This morning I was going through my favorite blogs catching up when I came across James’ (of Bleu Bird Vintage) recent post about purging her closet. What a coincidence! I did just the same thing this past weekend while cleaning house for the rental. Let me tell you, it felt SO good.

I have 2 large bags, one I’m shipping to my younger sister and one I’m donating to Goodwill. It was hard to part with a few of my favorite dresses (I have had over 60) but it was time to let them go — I feel some are too short, too “young” and not modest enough for me any longer. One day I came home from work and Jordan asked “Did you wear that to work?” Apparently my bum was hanging out when I bent over in the slightest (thankfully I sit at a desk all day). I now have roughly 10 or so left.

It was hard for me to get rid of my clothing simply because at this time in my life I can’t really replace it. I can’t spend any money towards clothing because I simply cannot adjust my budget to allow it. However, most of the items in my closet were “fillers” — I don’t remember the last time I wore them, yet I was finding it hard to get rid of them simply because then my closet would be bare. But how easy it is for me now! Now the pieces I own are pieces I actually wear, I actually like, and they actually fit correctly. Slowly I can rebuild and add items to the closet that I cherish, love, and match my style now. Boy has it evolved over the years, and yet still remained generally the same — simple, classic, timeless.

I still have more work to do. Half of my clothing is currently in storage, and while I do want to go through it to pull out a few key items I know I am missing, I should probably consider donating it all seeing as I’m not even wearing it now.

Here are some items I am looking to add to my closet:

Things I Want

1. Vintage Straight Jeans, J.Crew
2. Girls’ Dot Oxfords, J.Crew
3. Colorful Stripes & Heart Print Sweater, She Inside
4. Polka Dot Socks, Steven Alan
5. Tribal Embellished Shift Dress, Oasis
6. Biker Boots, Madewell
7. Printed Boyfriend Blouse, Madewell